Introduction: KNINEBOX is an art team composed of multidisciplinary experts with rich industry experience and an innovative spirit. Our team gathers technical elites and artistic masters, committed to creating cutting-edge digital art pieces. With years of industry accumulation, we have gained rich practical experience, and we can provide excellent solutions whether it is fine arts, painting, or artistic creation. We keep pace with the development of emerging internet industries, have a keen insight into market dynamics, and can quickly adapt to and lead industry trends.

In this era of digitalization and continuous innovation, we are honored to present to you our carefully crafted NFT artworks—a series of unique original ink wash paintings by KNINEBOX. We understand that there are many choices in the market, but please allow me to introduce to you some highlights of our works:

1. Originality

Our KNINEBOX team designers have many years of experience in graphic design, character design, and 3D design. Each of our ink wash paintings is hand-drawn by our KNINEBOX artists, combining the essence of traditional art with modern aesthetic innovation. Our works are not only a visual enjoyment but also a carrier of cultural heritage. We also have a vast collection of original art pieces, which we will continue to list on the NFT trading platform in the future.

2. Uniqueness

Each of our pieces is one of a kind, possessing an irreplaceable artistic value. This means that what you own is not just an artwork, but also a rare collectible.

3. Investment Potential

As the NFT market continues to mature and expand, high-quality art pieces are becoming the new favorites of collectors and investors. Our works, due to their uniqueness and artistic value, have a high potential for appreciation.

4. Technical Guarantee

Our NFT artworks are built on blockchain technology, ensuring the authenticity of the works and the transparency of ownership. What you purchase is not just art, but also a sense of security and trust.

5. Community Interaction

Whether or not you have purchased our works, you can join our KNINEBOX Discord art community (https://discord.gg/5xC4mEs85s). Here, you can exchange experiences with other collectors and even have the opportunity to talk directly with the original KNINEBOX artists.

6. Continuous Creation and Appreciation

We promise that the funds we obtain through NFT sales will be reinvested into our future artistic creations, to launch more new works on the NFT trading platform. We firmly believe that through continuous creation, our unique ink style will attract more attention, allowing more people to understand and purchase our works. We are committed to transforming the income into continuous innovation of art, to let our works continue to appreciate, and to let creation never end.

Finally, we sincerely invite you to delve into our works and consider adding them to your art collection. We believe that owning a truly unique and meaningful artwork will add infinite color to your life.

7.Purchase address of KNINEBOX’s art NFT

We currently only sell NFTs of our original works on opensea.io,

Our opensea website:https://opensea.io/collection/kninebox-ink-portrait

which is KNINEBOX’s only NFT sales website.If we upload works on other NFT platforms in the future,we will make an announcement here.

You can also follow us on Twitter Get the latest newshttps://twitter.com/kninebox


About our character creation business
AI*Shoujo/AI*少女/ honey select2/hs2/甜心选择2/Original design facial data & body data/cards

1. All game character card design works on this website are original game characters designed by KNINEBOX and belong to 3D software model art design.

After purchase, you will get a PNG card, please copy the PNG file to your computer game folder: UserData\chara\female (male directory if it is a male character)

After placing the PNG file, you can open the AI girl or HoneySelect2 game and read the character. The model data of the two games (AI shoujo and HoneySelect2) can be common.

3. Among all the works displayed on this site, the mods displayed are all free mods that can be downloaded from the Internet. After purchase, if the character card in your game is incompletely read (such as missing hair, clothing, etc.), don’t worry, we will provide it for free. To send you the missing mod file, please contact kninebox@163.com. When sending an email, please send us a screenshot of the missing mod together. We will send the matching game model to your email within 24-48 hours.

4. The original author of the mod. If you need to check the original author of the mod, all selection pages such as clothing and hairstyles in the game interface are marked with the original author's name. You can also check the original author of the mod by viewing the mod file separately in the game mod folder. If you are the original author of the mod and need us to show that you are the original author of the mod on our product display page, please contact kninebox@163.com

5. This design work does not involve the existence of real people, nor does it contain sexual descriptions of children. This design work is an original virtual game character designed entirely based on imagination, and does not imitate any real characters in real life. The characters appearing in this design work are all virtual characters, and their prototypes do not exist in real life.

6. Due to in-game function limitations, in order to achieve better picture display effects, the individual pictures displayed in the display pictures of this design work have been beautified (Note: the smiling faces in the display pictures were produced through post-production).

7. This design work is a work of art and does not contain any sexually suggestive content.

8. The fees we charge are design fees and website operation fees. Anyone under the age of 18 (or equivalent person according to local laws) is not allowed to own or use the works on this site.

AI 少女/甜心选择2 捏脸人物卡 



放置PNG文件后,即可打开AI少女或HoneySelect2游戏并读取角色,两款游戏(AI shoujo 和 HoneySelect2)的模型数据可以通用。